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Endoscopy is an important investigation for a whole range of abdominal symptoms.  It involves passing a thin fibre optic tube into the body.  This is called a gastroscopy when passed through the mouth to examine the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum.  A colonoscopy is where a tube is passed through the anus to examine the large bowel or colon and a part of the small bowel.  


Endoscopy gives information about the lining of the digestive system and helps diagnose inflammation, ulcers, polyps and cancers.  In patients with advanced liver disease, a gastroscopy is needed to look for baggy veins in the gullet called varices that are at risk of bleeding. Endoscopy can be done using conscious sedation and painkillers to make the procedure more tolerable.  


Dr Alazawi is an experienced, JAG-accredited endoscopist and regularly performs diagnostic gastroscopy and colonoscopy. He routinely collects data to monitor his performance, and these are available on request.  


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